Mystical Keys to the Tree of Life

The Trees of Eternity

The Building of a Tree of Life

The Circles of the Tree of Life

The Tarot Major Arcana

The Cube of Space

The Ideal Numbers

The Planetary Paths

The 22 Letter Labels

The Color Codes

The Lightning Flash

The Star Structures

The Swirling Tree of Life

The Playing with Words

The Holy Grail

The DNA Structure

Zero-in to Zero-out


Astrology Charts and Reports





First Wise men studied the Numbers
There were Ten Ineffable Spheres
There were Ten and Not Eleven
There were Ten and Not Nine
A Veiled mystery within a Truth that was Ideal
A Truth that helped them to Derive what was Real
A Keen observation could reveal Clues for the Sleuth
It's not a special Key for your private room in Heaven
It is only a clever way to turn the Circle into Seven
Truth alludes those who can't Shed Their Fears
A Sweet and Simple Kiss could make a Seal
That Creates a certain Irreversible Deal
For a Child is a Real undeniable Truth
You should be sure to Remember
Go in but dare not to Slumber

Beware of wondering About
Zero In to Zero Out
Life will be Due
Its' due Time
Is No Doubt



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