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Tree of Life - Ideal Numbers

Ideal Number Circle

"1.4 Ten Sephiroth of Nothingness, Ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand with Wisdom,
be wise with Understanding. Examine with them and probe from them.
Make each thing stand on its essence and make the creator sit on his throne.

"1.7 There are Ten Sephiroth of Nothingness:
Their end is embedded in their beginning and their beginning in their end, like a flame in a burning coal.
For the Master is singular, He has no second. And before One, what do you count?"
---- Sepher Yetzirah


The Tree of Life Sephiroth arrangements in this interpretation use the ten basic characters of the Indian/Arabic Numbers:, which are called the ten Ideal Numbers. This is not to be confused with the 'ideal numbers' of Kummer or Dedekind's 'ideals' in 'Ring Theory'.

These particular Ten numbers were chosen because of the special attention in the text to separate the consideration of the Ten numbers being discussed from the twenty-two Letters. In the line "ten and not nine, ten and not eleven" gives a hint as to the fact that it is not just a simple observation of the Pythagorean Decad, but of the Arabic Ten Ideal numbers. For although they culminate with the number nine they are not only nine numbers for they begin with the  non quantitative number zero for a total of ten numerals; and although the number ten is a perfection of the Ten Ideals, it too is not to be included for it is the first non-Ideal number and that would give a total of eleven numerals, since zero is indispensable in this system of calculation.

The emphasis on the Supreme Unity of  the number Zero as opposed to a simple singularity of the number One, suggests to the reader that there is much more to behind these statements than what might be seen by the simple materialistic, as opposed to, spiritual minded. They also suggest that if the reader does see what they are alluding to that they should keep it silent, for therein lies a great secret of the Supreme Spirit of Unity and infinite possibility.

Even the statement of "For the Master is singular, He has no second. And before One, what do you count?" may sound obvious to the quantitative thinker as referring to the number one, but to the qualitative thinker , one who is aware of the Ten Ideal Numbers of the Indian system of numbers, would understand how the number zero represents the Supreme Unity of all things; for with the notion of zero comes the notion of infinity and eternity: In essence it is the cornerstone of the notion of an infinite amount of possible numbers. Zero is the point from which all measurement is dependent upon to establish a relevant point of reference in time and space.

The preponderance of  many western researchers on insisting that the Pythagorean number system was being discussed in this veiled book of creation is presumptuous and completely ignores the fact that the Hebrew Kabbalah arose out of a predominantly Islamic society, within which the Jews of the time studied, worked and lived with the Indian/Arabic numbering system, which is based on the ten ideal numbers 0-9. It also completely ignores an extensive history of the Jews as traders not only within the near east, but as far as India as well. Their mastery of the Indian/Arabic system of numbers was well known long before the appearance of any Kabbalistic writings in Islamic Spain.

The Key number used within this lineup of the numbers 0-21 is 6, which is considered the first perfect number. Six is the common  denominator of all the numbers being combined when reduced; that is when all the digit numbers of the paths and spheres are added together and reduced down to a single digit. No other Ideal number, only six,  will obtain a result with all the ten accumulation points (Sephiroth) equaling the same number. This is a result that can't be achieved without the inclusion of a zero point.

The numbers of the paths are derived from the 22 numbers of the Tarot, 0 through 21, the 22 Hebrew letters, and the 10 Planets and 12 Signs of the Zodiac (10+12=22). Each number with two characters (10, 11, 12, etc...) is split between the two ends of the path so that there are only one digit per path added to each Sephora.

Zero is the pause or space which defines the word in writing; it is the silence which defines the sound; it is the source of light out of darkness. Zero doesn't change the nature of any number that it is added to or subtracted from, yet it eliminates all quantitative value when it is multiplied or divided by. Yet it is the only qualifying source of the determinate value of all other numbers. In a since Zero defines all values by the common contrast of its' relative placement as the origin. There would be no calculus, or even any modern physics without its' inclusion and consideration in calculation.

This is an observation of the pattern of the Ideal number values within this arrangement of the 'Four Worlds of this Tree of Life system:

Atziluth  = 0 + 1 + 2 = 03 = 3
  = 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 = 3
Yetzirah = 6 + 7 + 8 = 21 = 3
Assiah     = 9 = 3 + 3 + 3

The Ten Actors

The Twelve Acts

Elements Modes
0 The Fool
1 The Magician
2 The Priestess
3 The Empress
The Emperor
The Priest
The Lover
The Charioteer
The Strength
The Hermit
= Sun
= Mars
= Jupiter
= Saturn
= Uranus
= Pluto
= Neptune
10 The Wheel of Fortune = Taurus Earth Earth FIXED
11 The Scales = Libra Air Air CARDINAL
12 The Hanged Man = Pisces Water Water MUTABLE
13 The Death = Scorpio Water Water FIXED
14 The Temperance = Sagittarius Fire Fire MUTABLE
15 The Devil = Capricorn Earth Earth CARDINAL
16 The Tower = Aries Fire Fire CARDINAL
17 The Star = Aquarius Air Air FIXED
18 The Moon = Cancer Water Water CARDINAL
19 The Sun = Leo Fire Fire FIXED
20 The Judgment = Gemini Air Air MUTABLE
21 The World = Virgo Earth Earth MUTABLE

0 = Infinate Possibilities
6 =  6 = 1+2+3
6 = 15= 4+5+6
6 = 24= 7+8+9

Zero is the Unifying Point, or constant, in the consideration of Time, Space & Energy. Everything has to start at some time and at some place and that time and place of beginning is the notion of a Zero point; and if not then it is the inverse of zero, called infinity. Once a constant placement for Zero is established all other numbers can be determined by their regular progression of cyclic motion or increments of weight relative to that zero point.

 Six is the Perfect Product of the Triune nature of Zero (>0<) and thereby manifests into a perfect physical form called a Cube of Space; a six equally sided three dimensional block.

Humans are masters of making the cubic box go further than any other animal; from the simple cardboard box, to cars, planes, and even to sending spaceships to the outer reaches of our solar system. Mankind, unlike any other lifeform, has certainly considered the concept and construction of a container very thoroughly and effectively.


10+11+12=33= 6
13+14+15=42= 6
16+17+18=51= 6
19+20+21=60= 6
                    186  24

Three times Eight Hours in a 24 hr. cycle:
Work 8-hrs, Help 8-hrs, Rest 8-hrs.



By Zodiac Signs:
14+16+19=49=4  (Fire Fire)   
11+17+20=48=3  (Air Air)    
10+15+21=46=1  (Earth Earth)
 12+13+18=43=7 (Water Water)

49-48=1,  48-46=2,  46-43=3
0+1+2+3+...+19+20+21 = 231 (gates)

186=15= 6

186 / 2 = 93

Speed of Light = approx. 186,000 miles per second
              (186,282.397 mps) 300,000,000 meters per second.

432 x 432= 186,624

The natural 432hz A scale

216, 432, 864 A
243, 486, 972 B
128, 256, 512 C
144, 288, 576 D
162, 324, 648 E
177, 344, 688 F
192, 384, 768 G

axis + | - |-/+
     X| 1 | 2| 3
       Y| 7 | 8| 9
      Z| 4 | 5| 6



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