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Tree of Life - Letters         Tree of Life - Letters

"Three Fathers and their generations, Seven conquerors and their armies, and Twelve boundaries of the Universe.
See now, of these words, the faithful witnesses are the Universe, the Year and the Man."
-Sepher Yetzirah


The top Right Tree of Life arrangement is based on a combination of the tarot numbers and strives for the most harmonious arrangement of all the numbers used to each other. While the top left Tree of Life path arrangements are based on a geometric configuration of the astrological attributes, which can also be seen in the Cube of Space section. Both configurations reveal different manifestations of the Tree of Life; like the King and Queen scales of the old systems suggested.

The ten Ideal Numbers 0-9 correspond, in this system, with the ten character cards of the Tarot: 0- The Fool, 1- Magician, 2- High Priestess, 3- Empress, 4- Emperor, 5- Hierophant, 6- Lover, 7- Charioteer, 8- Courageous, and 9- The Hermit; and the twelve double numbered Tarot cards correspond with the twelve Zodiac signs: 10-Taurus, 11- Libra, 12- Pisces, 13- Scorpio, 14- Sagittarius, 15- Capricorn, 16- Aries, 17- Aquarius, 18- Cancer, 19- Leo, 20- Gemini, and 21- Virgo.


(The Twelve Simple Hebrew Letter associations are taken from Wm. Wynn Westcott's' translation of the Sepher Yetzirah)

The Major Arcana as it relates to the Sun, Planets and the Zodiac

The Ten Major Actors of our Solar System

(0) Sun The Fool dalet Dalet    (4) Door Seed
(1) Mercury The Magician peh Pay        (80) Mouth Dominance
(2) Venus The High Priestess beth Bet         (2) House Wisdom
(3) Earth The Empress kaf Kaf         (20) Fist Life
(4) Mars The Emperor gimel Gimel   (3) Camel Wealth
(5) Jupiter The High Priest tau Tav        (400) Cross Grace
(6) Saturn The Lover resh Resh      (200) Head Peace
(7) Uranus The Charioteer alef Alef        (1) Ox Breath
(8) Pluto The Fortitude shin Shin       (300) Tooth Fortitude
(9) Neptune The Hermit mem Mem      (40) Water Silence

The Twelve Major Acts of the Zodiac

10= Taurus The Wheel vau Vav       (6) Hook Thought
11= Libra The Justice lamed Lamed (30) Ox Goad Sex
12= Pisces The Hanged Man qoph Qof    (100) Ear Laughter
13= Scorpio The Death nun Nun        (50) Fish Smell
14= Sagittarius The Temperance samekhSamech(60) Prop Sleep
15= Capricorn The Devil ayin Ayin    (70) Eye Wrath
16= Aries The Tower heh He           (5) Window Speech
17= Aquarius The Star tzaddi Tsade (90) Fish Hook Taste
18= Cancer The Moon chet Chet      (8) Fence Sight
19= Leo The Sun teth Tet       (9) Snake Hearing
20= Gemini The Judgment zayin Zayin        (7) Sword Motion
21= Virgo The World yod Yod   (10) Hand Work
The 'first to last' pairings within the two sub-groups of Acts and Actors
    Actors   Acts      
  + 0+9=9 Fool+Hermit + 10+21=31 Wheel+World Fixed+Mutable earth+earth  
  + 1+8=9 Magician+Strength + 11+20=31 Justice+Judgment Cardinal+Mutable air+air  
  + 2+7=9 Priestess+Chariot + 12+19=31 HangedMan+Sun Mutable+Fixed water+fire  
  + 3+6=9 Empress+Lover + 13+18=31 Death+Moon Fixed+Cardinal water+water  
  + 4+5=9 Emperor+HighPriest + 14+17=31 Temperance+Star Mutable+Fixed fire+air  
 + 15+16=31 Devil+Tower Cardinal+Cardinal earth+fire
The Minor Arcana as it relates to the Elements, Modes and the 13 Cycles of the Moon
  Elements Decads Cardinal Fixed Mutable  
  AIR The 10 STAVES Page of Staves  Knight of Staves in Motion Right King of Staves Sitting  
  FIRE The 10 SWORDS Page of Swords Knight of Swords in Motion Left King of Swords Standing  
  WATER The 10 CUPS Maid of Cups Lady in Waiting Standing w/Cup Queen of Cups Standing  
  EARTH The 10 COINS Maid of Coins Lady in Waiting Sitting w/Coin Queen of Coins Sitting  
The Minor Arcana as it relates to the Elements and the 28 Mansions of the Moon.
In each day there are two male elements in the sunlight and two female elements in the night.
  Elements Decads Week
  AIR The 10 STAVES Page of Staves Knight of Staves Queen of Staves sitting King of Staves standing  
  FIRE The 10 SWORDS Page of Swords Knight of Swords Queen of Swords sitting King of Swords standing  
  WATER The 10 CUPS Page of Cups Knight of  Cups Queen of Cups standing King of Cups sitting  
  EARTH The 10 COINS Page of Coins Knight of Coins Queen of Coin standing King of Coins sitting  

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