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Tree of Life - Lightning Flash

The Structure of a Lightning Flash

6. The Ten ineffable Sephiroth have the appearance of the Lightning flash, their origin is unseen and no end is perceived. The Word is in them as they rush forth and as they return, they speak as from the whirling wind and returning fall prostrate in adoration before the Throne.  - S.Y.

In The Sefer Yetzirah the Ten Sephiroth were created with the Lightning Flash coming forth from the Ayn Sof Aur. And in turn, the pathways between the Sephiroth were created by the serpent energy as it rose upward, reaching back to the source of its' being. The course of the bolt, therefore, is not dependent upon the placement of the paths. Although the paths do draw their inspiration from the course of the bolt; their definition comes from the channels created by the attractions between the flash points, known as the Ten Ineffable Sephiroth. When the serpent energy tries to rise back to the source, these channels open up, then expand and contract, as the energy of life flows through them like blood ebbs and flows through our veins.

The planetary progression being used in this study are based on a variation of a lightning flashs path, which in turn, is based on the numerical progression that best demonstrated the manner in which lightning naturally travels through our atmosphere. In the 20th century it was realized that lightning travels in a spiraling manner, and not, as was previously thought, in only a straight zigzag pattern. I believe that to not have considered this realization of mankind's, within this particular observation of the Tree of Life, would have been negligent of my primary intention; which was, to work from what is presently known of nature first, and to leave the extrapolations and speculation for later.

Lightning is pure electricity, one of the four primary forces of nature, as it naturally manifests in this world we live on.  The relationship between two connected poles has three electrical states of being; a positively and a negatively charged state, and a neutral state of equilibrium with no potential difference between the poles. The electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom in a circular path and in this spiraling motion transfers its orbit from one atom to another as it moves down the line.

When the atmosphere has a larger amount of electrons (a more positive state) than the Planet (a more negative state), it will seek ways to balance the difference and reach equilibrium (a neutral state): To do so, it will find the shortest path that will move the excess electrons from the positive pole to the negative pole until the electrons reach the inactive state of equilibrium. The result of this spinning motion, as seen with lightning, is a zigzag looking flash of light, commonly known as a lightning bolt; electrons taking a spiraling path, due to the spin motion of the electron, through the dust or water particles in the atmosphere, as they make their way to the negatively charged planet.



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